KARP has been on the cutting edge of the diamond industry for over 30 years, committed to providing only the very best.With KARP diamonds, you see the difference immediately — in the sparkle, in the cut.The magic is created at our factory in Surat, Gujarat, India. In a symbiosis of technology and craftsmanship, we are able to cut diamonds of all sizes with consistent perfection and precision.

For us, the whole process is more than just a craft — it is an art. It is this sustained pursuit of excellence that has earned us the designation of Sightholder — offered to only a select few around the world.This title is an assurance that our diamonds conform to the best standards in the industry.

Having cultivated and perfected this philosophy, we now bring to you the award-winning KARPjewelIery. Crafted with the same dedication and eye for brilliance, our collections are both classic and stunningly modern.You will find that our style is uniquely our own, allowing you to beautifully express your individuality through our pieces.

With elegant designs both simple and luxurious, you will find the perfect design to grace any occasion, whether they be intimate moments or grand events. Make each moment special with KARP jewellery.


KARP has grown to be one of the most respected and trusted diamond manufacturers over 4 decades. Our emphasis on excellence, quality assurance and reliability and transparency whilst being ethical has led us to be a DeBeers Group Sightholder and a member of the ALROSA Alliance. In addition, we at KARP are members of Responsible Jewellery Council since 2010. KARP’s proficiency lies in diamond manufacturing versatility, with the knack of crafting high-quality diamonds as well as truly innovative jewellery and diamond settings.



Research, develop, and design quality polished diamonds tailored to your specific requirements in terms of shapes and desired light performance; irrespective of complex index faceting.

KARP spends efforts understanding client’s specific needs and utilizes its key skilled craftsmen and its state-of-the-art technology to bring in to shape an exclusive range of distinguished diamonds that adds grace to its client’s products.

To Complement its craftsmanship. KARP utilizes leading technologies taken from a range of industries in the development of customized tools and calibration, which enables the company to comply with the most rigorous design specifications and stringent parameters.

KARP promises consistent colour and clarity, according to specifications; precision quality-cut with accuracy of 5 microns in diamond manufacturing, superior customer service; on-time delivery: and absolute client confidentiality concerning design specifications and diamond usage.


KARP's vision is to push relentlessly for excellence, to develop innovative and productive concepts, research oriented development planning, to continuously grow through superlative products, and compelling global strategic alliances.


Karma. Our actions today will affect us tomorrow. We are proud of our actions. Accountability. We are transparent and responsible partners to all Stakeholders. Respect. Staff, Customers and Suppliers are treated equally with dignity and respect. Passion. We are passionate about our ability to produce the worlds finest diamonds.


KARP jewellery is recognized by the Government of India as a StarTrading House. Being one of the most well respected diamond companies in India and in the world,the group has received the most prestigious awards by the Indian Diamond Council ( Gems &jeweIlery Export Promotion Council ) and the Government of India for its export achievements and dedicated services to its customer for the following years.


  • 2004 - Best of Show Award,6th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition
  • 2005 - Best of Merit Award,7th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition
  • 2006 - Best of Show Award,8th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition
  • 2007 - Best of Show Award,9th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition
  • 2008 - Best of Show Award,10th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition